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    • Zhejiang Province
      • Zhuji City
        • Hailiang Foreign Language School
        • Hailiang Primary School
        • Hailiang Junior Middle School
        • Hailiang Senior Middle School
        • Hailiang Experimental High School
        • Hailiang High School of Art
        • Tianma Experimental School
      • Hangzhou City
        • Hangzhou Chunhui Primary School
        • Hangzhou Xixing Middle School
        • Wenyan Primary School
        • Wenyan No.2 Primary School
        • Wenyan Middle School
      • Jinhua City
        • Jinhua Hailiang Foreign Language School
      • Xinchang Country
        • Xinchang Nanrui Experimental School
    • Jiangxi Province
      • Nanchang City
        • Nanchang Xihu District Baishu Education Group Teaching Staff Kindergarten
        • Nanchang Baishu Angel City&Fenghuang Kindergarten
        • Jiulixianghucheng Kindergarten
        • Xingfu Shiguang Angel Kindergarten
        • Nanchang Foreign Language Gaoxin School
        • Nanchang Maqiu Senior Middle School
        • Nanchang Baishu School
        • Nanchang Foreign Language Jiulixianghucheng School
        • Nanchang Hualian Foreign Language Experimental School
      • Yichun City
        • Yichun Baishu Angel City&Bilingual Kindergarten-Xuefu Campus
        • Yichun Baishu Angel City&Bilingual Kindergarten-Luzhou Campus
        • Yichun Baishu Foreign Language School-Yuanshan Campus
        • Yichun Baishu Foreign Language School-Xuefu Campus
      • Jingdezhen City
        • Jingdezhen Baishu School
    • Hubei Province
      • Xiantao City
        • Xiantao NO.1 Middle School
    • Shandong Province
      • Feicheng City
        • Feicheng Hailiang Foreign Language School
    • Jiangsu Province
      • Zhenjiang City
        • Zhenjiang Jianghe High School of Art
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중국 유학 / Study in China
Student Life and Clubs
Special Services and Facilities
Special Services and Facilities
Additional Facilities
Additional Facilities

4-star hotel for visiting parents and guests.

Commercial street with services of catering, culturing, arts, life, experiencing, shopping, and recreation, and Natregro food supermarkets.

Express delivery mailing center with high security inspection machine.

Hailiang Education Park has 150 public bicycles, 5 battery-driven sightseeing buses, and over a hundred buses providing transportation services to teachers and students.

Facilities for Culture and Sports
Facilities for Culture and Sports

Teaching Facilities: 508 state of the art classrooms, 7 lecture halls, and 70 labs.

400-meter standard Track and Field.

Football Field with lighting suitable for games in the evening.

50-meter 8-lane competition pool.

2,400-seat basketball arena.

1,000-seat art center.

Movie Theaters.

Accommodation and Dining Facilities
Accommodation and Dining Facilities

23 hotel-style student apartment buildings and 10 teacher apartment buildings, which are all fully furninshed and move-in ready. All you need is your suitcase!

5 restaurants with standardized food safety control and equipped with quick payment services .

A comprehensive cafeteria where over 200 students will be able to enjoy cuisines from all around the world in addition to local Chinese offerings.

Health and Safety
Health and Safety

Health: On-campus Hospital provides physical examinations and medical treatment to teachers and students

Safety: 360-degree campus monitoring system, Security command center, and access to any fire-fighting equipment and personal